Insurance Perks of Dashboard Camera

A dashboard camera is mounted on our dashboard or windscreen to record what happens while you are driving. Advanced versions can record rear view, and others come with an infra-red sensor for recording after dark. The camera switches on automatically and starts the recording when you ignite the car engine. It saves all data on a memory card, and many developed countries are not using it in their day-day driving.

Why Drivers Need a Dash Cam

Having a dashboard camera is good; it acts as your key witness and can speak for you should something happen. It could be an accident that requires detailed investigation, and your memory cannot remember everything. The dash cam comes in handy and contributes to finding out the truth about the incidence.
The data the dash camera collects is private as long as the video stays with the car is not transmitted anywhere else. Currently, the cameras use a memory card that is always re-written since the videos are re-written in a loop manner.

Dashboard Camera and Insurance

The law enforcement and insurance companies are two units that probably benefit if most people use the dashboard camera. The dash cam contributes to the resolution of traffic accident claims. The devices are installed in police cars to document incidences and help in boosting accuracy in their judgments.

Insurance companies reward drivers who have a dashboard camera with a lower premium. The companies welcome any additional information that can contribute to the proper assessment of an accident and to handling claims. However, the insurers don’t have any specific perspective on dashboard camera usage in cars as this is a relatively new concept I the market. Whatever the case, drivers should make use of the dashboard data to discuss with the police or court in ensuring they are not the ones at fault. Not being the one at fault after an accident can help to keep a clean driving record.

The Future of Dashboard Cameras and Insurance Plans

Insurance discounts- You are likely to get dash cam insurance discount just by installing one in your car. The dashboard camera can reduce the claim processing time for insurers as the claim adjudicators can get the truth much faster.

New insurance products for customers- Record as you drive insurance would be attractive for many consumers. You’ll be motivated to take insurance with the assurance that will be assessed with the help of the dash cam and not predefined 50-50 rules of handling cases.

Built-in vehicle options- It is possible adapted versions of dashboard cameras are flooding the market and having such could be recognized in insurance premium e.g. Hybrid cars, and alarm devices. Just like ships and planes have black boxes, cars should not remain behind in adapting the same technology.

Extensions of pay as you drive options- Several insurance providers offer the pay-as-you-drive insurance plan. The product calculates premiums according to a person’s driving behaviors while rewarding secure drivers and tracking and increasing insurance charges on careless drivers. The dashboard camera will track all the perimeters of the journey then transfer the data to the insurer who regulates the premium rate.

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